Chiron In Retrograde 2022: Addressing Your Core Inner Wound

Chiron is going retrograde in Aries July 19th until December 23rd 2022. Chiron represents our core wound. Chiron in retrograde will affect everyone depending on where Chiron is in your chart. It will be affecting everyone’s root chakra and first house. The root chakra is all about your sense of safety and security having to do with health, home, work, and finances. Since Aries and Mars are the natural rulers of the 1st house, the House of Self : Physical self, Identity ,Early Childhood, Personality, and  Public Persona. One or more of these areas will be affected by this retrograde. You could experience pain in your lower back, legs, and in the root chakra area. 

Your early childhood is where you received the wound. If you have Chiron in Aries in your chart the core wound comes from feeling worthless and undeserving. Chiron was rejected and abandoned by his mother and this wound affected him his whole life. It could be your parents emotionally abandoned you. They abandoned you in some way. You could have had your individuality rejected or stifled. They may have not celebrated your achievements or talents and may have actually encouraged you to not celebrate these in your own self. You could have felt unsupported by your parents. When the two people you are around the most in your early years of life abandon you or don’t support you, this causes you to develop the wound of worthlessness and low self-confidence. That you don’t deserve things in life that everyone else does. You are not worthy, that you don’t fit in, and there is something wrong with you. This wound also has a lot to do with being bullied in childhood. Bullies pick on who they think don’t fit in. This wound will leave you feeling a lot of shame. If anyone knows what love is it is a child, so children know when they aren’t loved and this can cause a lot of shame. What is wrong with me that I am not loved? If even my parents don’t love me it must be me. When in truth it was your parents core wound that affected the way they treated you. It was them not you. 

All you wanted to do as a child was to fit in, this is natural. The Chiron in Aries wound leaves you feeling like you don’t fit in, not at home, not at school, not anywhere. That you are a failure and don’t feel like you are worthy or deserving of success and happiness like everyone else. You can become a people pleaser and just want people to like you. You can become envious or jealous of others. Wishing you had their life because your life feels worthless. You may feel like others look down on you, this is because deep down inside you feel worthless and look down on yourself. You may isolate a lot, separate yourself from others, and don’t socialize a lot. You may appear odd or anti-social to others. You may have a fear of conflict. 

Aries traits are that they are confident, bold, sure of themselves, self-focused and have a strong drive of passion and desire. Chiron being retrograde in this sign will do the opposite and have you focus on where you are not being confident, not focusing on yourself but others, and not feeling sure of yourself. It will, if you do the work give you more drive and passion to succeed and be happy in your life. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, Mars is also the God of War and going to address the wounded warrior in you. Mars is about drive, passion, and ambition, something you maybe lacking. Aries is a fire sign and has to do with the way you think. How you think about yourself. 

How do you work through and grow from Chiron showing you your core wound? By asking yourself do you even need or want to fit in? Do I even really like the people I want to fit in with? You also have to convince yourself that you are worthy and deserving to be treated with respect, you deserve love, success, and happiness. That there is not something wrong with you. 

I was bullied as a child and I always thought there was something wrong with me that I was treated bad. People in abusive situations think there is something wrong with them and not with the abuser. That my parents rejected me because there was something wrong with me. Now after some intense inner work, I look at people who mistreat me or disrespect me, that there is something wrong with them and not me. That is healing the core wound. These are illusions that were instilled in us at an early age. It is no coincidence that Chiron goes retrograde three days before Leo season begins. The Sun rules Leo and the Sun always brings clarity. To see through an illusion you need clarity because you are not viewing people and situations clearly, due to your past.

To find out which house you have Chiron in you can look at your birth chart and see where it will affect you and in which house. Houses are areas in your life and point you to where you need to learn a lesson. The sign is how you learn the lesson.

For a free birth chart use this link:

If you have Chiron in Aries on your birth chart. This retrograde will affect you the most. You have Chiron in Aries if you were born during these dates:

April 1st, 1968 to October 18th, 1968

January 1st, 1969 to May 28th 1976

October 13th, 1976 to March 28th 1977

If you were born between the dates I mentioned above. You are experiencing a Chiron return. Where Chiron comes back to where it is in your birth chart. This is the time to do intense inner work on healing this wound. Chiron will be retrograde for five months. That is five months of healing and addressing your core wound. Around Christmas you should be feeling more confident, worthy, deserving, be more self-focused, feel more worthy, feel more deserving, and be more sure of yourself, if you do the inner work that Chiron is offering you. 

Inner work is giving up on people to change and changing yourself. It is focusing on you in every situation and not on the other person involved. It is connecting how you feel in the present to when and how you felt like this in your childhood. It is painful because you are feeling the feelings and thinking the thoughts you repressed. They just appear to be happening in the present but are really from the past. You will grow i and heal if you do this inner work. 

This is a time to tell yourself that I am strong, that I am loved, That I am worthy. This is your I am moment and you deserve it.