This Capricorn Full Moon Is going To Change How You Perceive Everything

The Capricorn Full Moon on July 13, 2022 is bringing quite a lot of healing energy. All full moons cause us to bring up old inner secrets about ourselves and bringing them to consciousness. These secrets about us linger in our subconscious affecting our present life. While working through this full moon energy painful, emotions, thoughts, and meriories can surface. It may be situations and people in your current life are triggering you to bring this to the surface. These current situations will remind you of the past therefore causing you to examine how you feel in the present. When you do this you are releasing the past even though it seems to be happening now.  

It will matter what house your Capricorn placements are for you to be able to tell what area in your life the Capricorn Full Moon will affect you. My placements are in my first house the House Of Self: Physical self, Identity, Early childhood, Personality, Public persona, Mannerisms, Likes, Dislikes, and Temperament. 

The Capricorn Full Moon will be affecting everyone’s 10th house:  The Outside Your Home house. Ethics and Career. Reputation, Career, Social responsibilities, Contributions, Leadership, Ambition, Achieving success with your own efforts, and What others think of you.

How it has affected me is I have become very self-conscious of what I look like and how others think I look. This has been affecting my confidence. I have become overly focused on how others perceive me. I have started become aware of what I don’t like and like in the people I know and situations in my life. I am having to deal with and talk about a very traumatic event from 20 years ago. This event changed my life and affected my public persona area in my first house and my reputation, what others think of you, in my 10th house. I perceive this to be a very big obstacle in my life and holding me back from the life I want.

Capricorns are very hardworking and dedicated but what holds them back is perceived obstacles. What they think is an obstacle might not really be one but they perceive it as one.This can lead to isolation and losing enthusiasm in life. 

Full moons always affect our Third Eye Chakra. This is the chakra we perceive things through. You may be noticing situations and people in your life that are not equal give and take. Maybe that friend or family member is taking more than giving in your relationship or maybe you are. You may feel like you are giving a lot more to your job than you are getting in return. In astrology the zodiac sign is how and the house it is in is where the action takes place. The house is the where the lesson we must learn is (what area of our life) and the zodiac sign is how we learn it. 

Capricorn Full Moon energy is going to cause you:

  • To examine what you perceive to barriers in your life. 
  • To reflect on areas where there is not equal give and take in your life.
  • To look at why you don’t feel enthusiastic about areas of your life.
  • Where you don’t have control in your life.
  • Limiting beliefs about yourself. What you perceive to holding you back in life?
  • Become overly concerned of what other think of you. 

You probably have already been doing this work for the last 2 weeks. Since the Cancer New Moon on June 28th. New Moons begin new cycles of healing so you probably have already been processing what you are releasing this full moon. We then continue to release the next 2 weeks until the New Moon in Leo on July 28th, which wraps up this cycle. On the same day Jupiter goes retrograde. 

On June 28th we had a New Moon and Neptune went retrograde. Neptune the planet of your dreams, delusions, secrets, and confusion. Neptune wants us to face reality and get rid of any illusions we have and face reality.  I wrote about Neptune in Retrograde and what to expect.

How we perceive things is not always how they really are. Neptune is still in retrograde for the Full Moon in Capricorn. So be prepared to change your perception of the issues this energy is going to bring up. We have to make the unconscious conscious so it no longer controls us. Bringing something to consciousness causes it to no longer affect or control us. 

To learn where you have Capricorn placements.

Happy Full Moon,