What to Expect From Neptune in Retrograde.

We had a huge new Moon in Cancer Tuesday June 28th. Started feeling this on Saturday. New Moons always delve into our subconscious and bring up what we need to see and heal. Then a new cycle of healing begins for the lunar month. What made the 28th different was Neptune went into retrograde at the same time as the New Moon. This cause a huge detox. If you were going to the bathroom more than usual this is why.

Neptune retrograde causes us to take off the rose colored glasses about people and situations in our life. It forces you to see reality and get rid of fantasies. That what you thought was so great actually isn’t. Neptune is in it’s home sign Pisces and will retrograde until Dec 3rd.

Physically you can expect headaches and neck pain. As illusions and blocks to your intuition are being removed. If when you cough the pain gets worse it is from energy. The best thing you can do is get rest and let the energy do its work.

Once you see the lesson Neptune retrograde is trying to teach you. You have integrated the energy and learned the lessons. Neptune and Pisces are 12th house and going to be focusing on the head. We have 2 chakras on the back of our head. One directly behind the third eye and one at the top of the neck and base of skull. This is where you will feel the most energy.

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