New Moon In Gemini: It Is Time To Release Negativity

June 10th is going to be a big day for energy.  We have the new moon in Gemini, a solar eclipse, and action from The Mercury Retrograde Conjunction the Sun. This will be a lot of third eye chakra clearing from the work being done on your subconscious blocks which contain illusions. The illusions that the energy will be working on are creative insecurity and indecisiveness, Not feeling confident in your creative endeavors and decisions. Not trusting yourself and having doubts about your abilities. You will have a lot of clarity with a new moon, solar eclipse, Mercury Retrograde and the Sun bringing what is unconscious to consciousness. It will be digging up emotions, thoughts, and memories from the past in your subconscious and bringing them up to the present to clear.

We are also going to have throat chakra energy purging willpower blocks related to feeling helpless, unworthy, and worthless. When you feel this way you have a hard time speaking your truth. This could result in shyness and feeling what you have to say isn’t worthy. You will have a hard time communicating what you feel and getting what you need from others.

Since new moons are always about bringing up repressed emotions and emotional blocks. There are emotional blocks are in your heart chakra and need to go. These emotional blocks are about societal and cultural conditioning and being codependent on our addictions. 

An example of  societal and cultural conditioning is how you were brought up and what beliefs were you conditioned to believe. I was brought up to believe a woman must be married and couldn’t make it in this world without a man. That you must depend on a man to take care of you. This belief instilled in me resulted in me being married at 19 and 2 other marriages by the time I was 30. Two of the marriages there was a lot of domestic violence because I was conditioned to put up with a man treating me bad and it must be my fault if he did. 

An example of being codependent on addictions. I am trying to quit smoking and I realized how codependent I am on it. Smoking temporarily made me feel better and I became dependent on that. You become dependent on what makes you feel better but it is temporary and that results in a habit and addiction. It could be drugs, alcohol, smoking, food, or always being in relationships. Whatever it is, it is escape that makes you feel better. It helps you cope.

This will be a rough day with you releasing so much negativity, if you have spiritual practices you want to step them up. Physical reactions to the energy can be, headaches especially in the third eye area, blurry vision, feeling like you have a cold, allergies acting up, chest pain, heart palpitations, and an increase in anxiety. Increasing your spiritual practices helps with the symptoms. I accidently did my full moon ritual a day early and found I felt nothing the day of the full moon and lunar eclipse last month. I think this was because I gave myself more time to process the energies and didn’t wait until the day of. It also kept me more grounded and not emotional. If you start to feel uncomfortable ask for release and work with the energy. That way it won’t meet resistance. June’s energy gives us some big breaks and isn’t back to back everyday like it has been. You will have more good days than bad this month. 

Take Care,