5/30/2021 Solar Plexus Clearing Feelings of Not Respected and Not Supported Surfacing

5/30/2021 Solar Plexus Clearing Feelings of Not Respected and Not Supported Surfacing

We had some incoming solar plexus energy come in today and it will stick around a couple days. If you have been nauseous, burping, feeling gassy and bloated, passing gas, and/or have diarrhea. It wasn’t something you ate or your IBS acting up. It is energy helping you purge old energy from your energy body. 

The solar plexus chakra holds our old feelings and thoughts of not being supported, not being respected, and shame. The energy today is focusing on emotional and mental blocks in the solar plexus. You may have thoughts of something you have done in the past that you feel ashamed about. You will be easily triggered if you feel disrespected or not supported by someone today and overreact. Triggers make us overreact because it is from a significant event in the past and an insignificant event in the present can trigger it. Since it was such a significant moment of hurt and pain for you, a rush of emotions will come through and it is easy to get overwhelmed causing you to go overboard. Everything is magnified and intensified when you are purging.  

I was watching Super Soul Sunday and Micheal Singer was the guest and he described a trigger perfectly. He said they were thorns we carry from past hurt and pain. As long as no one touches or brushes against them we are fine, but if someone does or says something that hits the thorn we are triggered. All that hurt and pain from the past comes rushing back. 

These thorns we carry are in our subconscious and when triggered they release a rush of emotions, thoughts, and memories in a burst of energy. All emotions and thoughts are energy and if never processed and dealt with. They stay hidden in our subconscious. That old energy from the past stays there until you do the work on the event or events that caused the thorn.

When the universe sends us energy it goes to our subconscious and causes this old energy to surface and we purge it. It can be rough when these emotions, thoughts, and memories suddenly surface. Especially if you don’t know what is happening to you and most people don’t. Some of us had a chance to take this journey early and know what we are dealing with but many are in the dark. This can make you feel crazy and not able to cope. Many of the people around us are being triggered too and not knowing why and not knowing how to deal with it. 

The more you go through the purging, aligning, and balancing process from the energy being sent from the divine. The less sensitive your thorns will become until one day they are gone. What used to make me get offended and go off now doesn’t affect me. I just realize if someone says something like that they have an issue and let it go. It will be very easy for your family to trigger you because they know your triggers. There are people that will try and trigger you on purpose because they know you. Family, friends, or your partner may try and trigger you the best thing to do is not react if at all possible. These are energy vampires and we all have crossed paths with one. 

Your solar plexus chakra is also your boundaries chakras and many of us didn’t have boundaries when we started this journey. Many of us were codependent and codependents have no boundaries. So in the process of creating boundaries we can become aggressive about it and defend them fiercely. As you get better at putting up boundaries you won’t overreact like that. You will calmly say what you have to say and people will respect you for it. Most people will respect you more when you have boundaries and the ones that don’t will naturally go away. Their vibration doen’t match yours anymore and they will leave your life. This is why you lose friends along your journey because you are raising your vibration and they aren’t so they will drift away. 

We all deserve to be respected and supported by everyone we are around and they deserve the same. One day it will be like that with everyone but it is a process we all must go through. This is the journey to the new earth. We all are evolving now. And us evolving brings the new earth to fruition.

Love and Light.