Lunar Eclipse And Full Moon May 26, 2021:Super Intense Past and Current Relationship Healing

The Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Sagittarius is coming to help you heal your past and current relationships. not only with others but with yourself too. This pink ray pure love energy is going lasting for 3 days. The energy is going to focus on removing blocks to your abundance in relationships and self-love and be clearing the heart and third eye chakras. 

In most relationships we get karma also from how we behaved. This lunar energy is focusing on our past life and current life karma in relationships. So if thoughts of I shouldn’t have pushed that little girl down on the playground in third grade surface. That is old karma energy coming up for clearing. Past mistakes we made in relationships will surface. Just say I’m sorry and forgive yourself and let that energy go. Ho’oponopono is great for this “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you. 

Accepting what we did wrong in past relationships helps clear our victim consciousness and own our personal power. This is another focus of this eclipse and full moon. If we don’t accept responsibility for our actions and blame only the other person we were in the relationship with. We are not owning and taking back our personal power. We are staying in victim consciousness. If you can own what you did this is leaps and bounds in gaining more awareness about yourself and your journey.. 

The eclipse and full moon are also focusing on our codependency and addictions.They go hand in hand because you are codependent with your addictions. Alcoholics, smokers, overeaters, and drug addicts are codependent on those substances. They use them because they give the person a payoff. Whether it is to relieve stress, escape feelings, feel relieved, or escape reality, there is a payoff they get from the addiction. If it is a codependent relationship the person is addicted to how that other person feels and trying to make them feel better, even if helping them is harming them. Making that person happy and fulfilling that persons needs are more important than your own happiness or needs. Thinking we can save another person with our love is harmful to us and the other person, because it is a cycle, you can never change or save another person with your love. They can only change or save themself.

Addictions are harmful because we are putting energy into something else and not ourself. We are doing something against our best interest. We harm our health with substances or excessive use of substances that can harm our health. We harm our mental, emotional, and sometimes physical health with codependent relationships. 

All the above creates blocks to our abundance and keeps us from reaching the full abundance we deserve. We deserve to be happy, healthy, and in balanced relationships in life. These abundance blocks will start to dissolve and be broke up by the pink ray pure love energy this eclipse full moon energy will be sending. So it can bring some uncomfortable purging symptoms. Third eye chakra symptoms are headaches, blurry vision, pressure on or around the third eye, pain on the back of the neck, and impending sense of doom making you feel like something bad is going to happen. Heart Chakra symptoms can be anxiety, sadness, grief, heart palpitations, chest pain or pressure, heartburn, excessive burping (this is energy leaving your body), and higher blood pressure.

If you start to feel uncomfortable in the third eye or heart chakra just tap on it and ask for release do this until it subsides. When you do this you are telling the Universe you want to release this energy and it speeds up the purging process. 

If you want to do an very effective full moon ritual grab some crystals, incense, sage or palo santo, a blue of white candle, a piece of paper, and something to set the paper in after you burn it. You can add some music or binaural beats. 

Set your intention to release these abundance blocks by writing on a small piece of paper “I release all blocks to my abundance.” Say a prayer and ask your angels and guides to help you release and burn your paper. 

I do this every full and new moon and get huge releases from it. Be prepared to have a release like you asked for. You will feel lighter and have more clarity afterwards. This energy is going to be around for  3 days and be purging the heart and third eye chakras for 3 days. Doing your own ritual can help you release the energy faster because you are asking and setting the intention for it to be released. If you just wait for the energy to do it, it takes longer and you have symptoms longer. If you are proactive in asking for release instead of waiting for it. The whole purging process is easier and shorter.

Love and Light, Dawn