Energy For March 15th-21st: Bringing Clarity To Make Good Decisions

Monday we have very balanced and grounded Root Chakra Energy. Take advantage of this gift from the Divine. Tuesday we have high intensity Third Eye Chakra Energy this energy can bring headaches, forehead pressure, and blurry vision. Wednesday we have very high intensity Throat Chakra Energy which can cause allergy flareups, sore throats, sinus issues, and sensitive teeth. Thursday we have medium intensity Sacral Chakra energy, this can cause bladder pressure and menstrual irregularities. Friday we have very high intensity Heart Chakra energy which can leave you feeling anxious and you may experience heart palpitations,heartburn, or chest pressure. Saturday and Sunday we have low intensity Solar Plexus Chakra energy you may have some mild digestive issues or stomach aches. 

The goal of this weeks energy is for you to gain the mental clarity you need to make a good decision. If you have been struggling to make a decision or to choose a path. This should all clear up this week. It may be a difficult week but that should come to an end this weekend. You should begin the weekend with a more positive abundant mindset because you have shifted to a higher level of consciousness with all your inner work you have done this week. 

Take Care,