New Moon In Pisces: Revisiting Past Painful Copendendent Relationships

This New Moon in Pisces wants to bring up memories of past painful relationships that involved Codependency in us. Codependency is an illusion because that is not how our true authentic self really is. It is an illusion from childhood where we developed codependency. 

Codependency is the focus on others and not ourself. We focus on someone else’s happiness, feelings, and moods and neglect focusing on our own happiness and feelings. If we just make this other person happy we will be happy. It usually results from us as children focusing on a dysfunctional parent or parents. Thereby giving us the illusion that we find happiness in making others happy. 

This New Moon will bring up memories of past relationships so they can be honored and healed. We aren’t honoring the relationship we are honoring the thoughts, feelings, and memories, so they can be processed and healed. We can recognize our part in the painful relationship that came from our codependent tendencies. 

Our Sacral Chakra is where we store these past relationships and the pain and trauma that resulted from them. This will be a big Sacral Chakra purging day so these energy blocks can surface. The New Moon energy will be focusing on the illusion of codependency over your Third Eye Chakra. Codependency takes our power away in relationships and we will be working on taking our power back with the help of this energy. 

The physical symptoms you may experience today are bladder pressure, frequent trips to the bathroom, headaches, blurry vision that comes and goes, pain on the back of head or neck, cramping, and spotting. It can be a very emotional day as this is high intensity energy. This past energy surfaces so you can let it go and make room for new energy to come in. Raising your vibration and taking your power back over the past. 

There may be times memories of how you may not have treated people in the best way surface. The roles can be reversed. Maybe there were times you didn’t act with upmost integrity in relationships. Don’t be hard on yourself we are divinely imperfect. Just honor the memories and let them go.

We are bring balance to our inner emotional nature today with this New Moon. We are on the road to healing so we can have healthy balanced relationships that match our true authentic self.

Take Care,