March 8th-14th, 2021: Stabilize, Surrender, and Trust The Process

We start out with some Root Chakra energy causing some low back aches and some aches and pain in the legs. We then have some Sacral Chakra energy causing frequent trips to the bathroom due to bladder pressure. Mid-week we have some Third Eye Chakra energy causing some headaches and eye problems. We have two days of Heart Chakra energy causing chest pressure, heart palpitations, and maybe even high blood pressure. We start the weekend with more Sacral Chakra energy and finish it with Throat Chakra energy. This can cause allergies, teeth pain, and feeling like you have a cold.

We start out the week with some swift stabilizing and grounding energy, so we can start to look inside and reflect, at what is making us unhappy, unsatisfied, and uncomfortable in our life. It can be internal or external situations causing this unhappiness and dissatisfaction. The more we examine this, we begin to start to see the truth of it and start  to re-evaluate this situation. You  see the whole truth Saturday and into Sunday and realize this situation has caused lot of negativity and negative thinking and needs to leave your inner or outer life. You then will begin the process of leaving behind what no longer vibes with your new higher vibration.

Take Care,