March 1st-7th, 2021: Recovery and Raising Your Vibe!

This week will start our with Solar Plexus Chakra being cleared of what is blocking your willpower. This can cause some digestive issues. We then have some pretty intense Crown Chakra energy bring headaches and head pressure. Mid-week we have some Root Chakra energy bringing back and leg aches. We then have alternating days of Third Eye and Throat Chakra energy bringing allergies, headaches, and sinus pressure. We end the week focusing on Minor Chakras and our Inner wound. Random aches, pains, and itching on our body. 

The focus this week is to realize you have recently had an obstacle removed that was causing  inner suffering. That emotional obstacle has recently been removed, but you are still trapped in the mindset that it is still there and you are still going to suffer. This weeks energy is going to help you break that mindset and be able to listen to your inner voice more. Your inner voice is saying Look! Look! The obstacle is gone! You can’t fully hear it because this mindset is keeping your vibe low. This weeks energy is going to help you hear your inner  truth and raise your vibe, so you can believe you are really free. Then you will see the abundance that you haven’t be able to see. 

How this relates to me is, I have been in a 7 month dark night of the soul. A deep cleansing of emotional and metal blocks that seemed like it would never end.  I became more conscious of my vibration and how it would become very low when I was in this cleansing. I just couldn’t seem to raise it even though the dark night of the soul was over. The Virgo full moon over the weekend guided me into adopting some new spiritual practices to raise my vibe. Through some guided breathing and tapping I was able to raise my vibe again. I will still slip back into the mindset that I am in still suffering and struggling even though my outer life is saying I am clearly not. 

The energy we are receiving is there to guide us to what needs to be healed but we have to work with it. The energy alone is not going to do it all that needs to be done. We have to do some spiritual practices and inner work along with the energy. I am not a good meditator. I fall asleep every time. I started looking for other things I can do besides meditation. I found Holotropic breathing and Tapping to be a very good replacement. I started to do 11 minutes of breathing and 10 minutes of tapping a day and my vibe went sky high. I also released a big emotional block the first day I did it and I was finally able to fully relax. I was able to go to the dentist without being nervous because of doing the breathing and tapping before I went. 

This week is all about your suffering is over and believing it. It is about focusing on our goals of leading a healthier lifestyle that the Virgo full moon brought to out attention. It could be releasing a bad habit, eating healthier, or like me adopting some new spiritual practices.

We always go through a death process in the winter just like the earth does, except ours is an inner death. We begin to leave what no longer serves us in the fall and work on what we need to leave it behind in the winter. Spring is the time we begin to see the results of the seeds we planted during this process. We begin to recover from the death we experienced in the winter. March is a time to focus on you and self-care to get you ready for the harvest that is about to come. You will begin to feel your vibe rise more and more over this month from the energy that is made available to us from the divine. March is all about raising your vibe so you can shine in April!

Take Care,