Energy Forecast February 2021

This is the energy intensity for the month of February. The day before the day of the energy, I will post what chakras will be affected. This will just tell you the level of intensity for that day. All dates are in New York EST. Depending on where you live, what timezone, and other factors, it can be 3 days before to 3 days after the date you experience the energy. I am measuring by low, medium, and high intensity. There are also what are known as Massive Shifts Days, these are days you want to practice a lot of self-care and try to integrate the energy. Hopefully this can help you plan your monthly activities and when you need rest days.

The month of February is interesting energy wise as we have four Massive Shifts Days. Massive energy shifts there will be a lot of purging, releasing, integrating, and finally alignment. These all occur on Saturdays in February. There is a reason for that as most people have weekends off work. Those that do work weekends don’t worry, the Universe always arranged for the majority of the energy to hit me before or after work. The Universe does care and knows your individual needs. 

Each week of February we have low intensity days that prepare us for massive weekend shifts. The energy is mostly tailored for the collective now as they have recently in the last couple years (2018) begun their energetic journey. If you have been receiving this energy for longer than that you are not part of the collective. The journey I am talking about is an energetic journey. You could have been on a personal journey for many years and have not have been on an energetic journey. You could have not been on a personal journey at all and all of sudden begun an energetic journey. 

On the Massive Shift days I suggest practicing a lot of self-care, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and get lots of rest. You can also be triggered more easily, so alone time might be wise. On low intensity days you may not even notice the energy much. It mostly depends on your sensitivity.

February 1st-7th

1st Monday Medium Intensity

6th Saturday Massive Shift

February 8th-14th

8th Monday Low Intensity 

10th Wednesday Low Intensity

11th Thursday Low Intensity

13th Saturday Massive Shift

14th Sunday High Intensity

February 15th-21st

17th Wednesday Low Intensity 

19th Friday Low Intensity 

20th Saturday Massive Shift

February 22nd-28th

24th Wednesday Low Intensity 

25th Thursday Low Intensity

27th Saturday Massive Shift

Take Care,