Chakra Energy Forecast For Monday February 1st, 2021

Today’s energy will be helping you to release enough low vibrational energy to become a vibrational match, for the lesson learning journey Mercury Retrograde is bringing you. This low vibe energy has kept you from using your resources or inner strength to surrender control to the Universe. All retrogrades are lesson learning journey’s. The lesson for this one is to let go of control and surrender. To stop trying to use ego to figure out solutions and just go with the flow. This energy is of medium intensity and can be felt anywhere on the body in your Minor Chakras. It can also be felt in the Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakras. Headaches, head pressure, and digestive issues may occur. Negative thoughts and emotions can also happen with this purge and release. You may release self-doubt, shame, anger, and feelings or thoughts of disrespect and not being supported. This energy is from your past and coming from your wounded inner child. 

You can experience this energy 3 days before to 3 days after the date of this post. My site has a full list of symptoms. 

Take Care.