Chakra Energy Forecast Wednesday January 20th, 2021

We have a double Minor Chakra day tomorrow with Mars and Uranus energy, with chakra and meridian upgrades. January 20, 2021 is a palindrome where the date is the same forwards and backwards. Tomorrow’s energy is all about awakening a desire so you can take action. This desire is going to cause a revolution for you. The word revolution comes from the Latin word revolutio which means a turn around. Tomorrow will be a turn around for you on your journey, You may have been waiting for the right time to action because it felt very unstable to you and you weren’t sure what to do. Tomorrow’s energy will bring the stability you need to take action towards your dreams and desires. We have been living in very unstable times inside and out. We should start to see more stability in yourself and what is around us. We have been through the learning and balancing period. Now is the time to take action. The wait is over. 

Minor Chakras– Aches and pain all over the body and/or burning stinging pain in one area of the body. Whole body itching, rashes, sores, and/or hives.  Minor Chakras are the pressure points used in acupuncture. 

Meridian Upgrades- Meridians are energy channels that connect our Minor Chakras.

Numerology Tarot Card Of The Day: Strength- The elegant mastery of self.

Martra Of The Day- “I am changing the world by mastering myself first.”

Take Care,