Chakra Energy Forecast January 17th, 2021

Tomorrow is a Minor Chakra day with Jupiter giving us expansion to our understanding of our inner wound. This can bring up some old fear energy as most of our wounds were caused by fear. Our Meridians will be being upgraded to in this process. This is why you can feel random twitches and pain in strange areas, like the tip of your finger or your toe.  We can also experience changes to our skin, our largest organ. Itching, hives, rashes etc. can happen as our bodies react to this energy. We are also having DNA upgrades courtesy of Uranus “The Great Awakener”. Uranus is the planet that awakens that dormant DNA that contains the genetic codes for us to evolve into higher human beings. This will be felt mostly on the back of the neck and top of the spine. As this energy is going so deep it can be experienced physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Minor Chakras– Aches and pain all over the body and/or burning stinging pain in one area of the body. Whole body itching, rashes, sores, and/or hives.  Minor Chakras are the pressure points used in acupuncture. 

DNA Upgrades-Our unused DNA is being activated and upgraded. This unused DNA has ancient genetic codes on how to evolve. This will be felt in the spine usually at the back of neck and top of spine behind the throat chakra.

Meridian Upgrades- Meridians are energy channels that connect our Minor Chakras.

Numerology Tarot Card Of The Day: Death- Transitioning, Evolving, Change, Transformation

Martra Of The Day- “I am releasing old fear energy so I can awaken and evolve.”

Take Care,