Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period January 15th-30th, 2021

January 16th, 2021

We are in the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde that begins the 30th. This shadow period started yesterday. In the past week ex’s, old friends, and old situations might have come back or are coming back soon. If these are low vibe toxic people don’t let them back in. You know who a low vibe person is by paying attention to how you feel after talking to them or being around them. If you feel worried or anxious, not the person for you to be around. After all the work we did this week with Mercury that rules the mind and communication you have to be careful where you focus your attention. 

In my last Chakra Forecast post I stated you will know what to focus your energy on like a laser after last week’s energy. When these people surface from the past if they are not good for you, and you will know. Do not focus your energy on them. Not even thinking not so good thoughts about them and the pain they caused you. This will throw you off your game and distract you. 

What you focus on now will cause an opportunity to arise, so be careful what you focus your attention on. Leave the past in the past and focus your laser on the future. Bring new opportunities of abundance to you and let the old go.

January is a month of distractions to teach us how to control where we put our energy. It is never good to put any energy into the past. Those people or situations were taken out of your life for a reason. They were lowering your vibe and if they come back, they will do it again. You learn to control your energy. You learn to control everything. That is the theme for the last two weeks of January 2021. 

Practice gratitude, it raises your vibe.

Take Care,