Chakra Energy Forecast January 13th, 2021

Tomorrow is a HUGE energy day mostly focusing on emotions and willpower. We have a New Moon Lunar Energy, Saturn, Uranus, and Mars energy. The New Moon will be working on helping memories surface and the feelings attached to those memories surface, so you can release them. This is subconscious Shadow Work. Saturn will be working on anything restricting your Throat Chakra. Uranus will be working on further awakening your Root Chakra. Mars will working on restoring your drive and determination so you can use it to attain what you desire Solar Plexus Chakra.

Root Chakra– Leg, thigh, calf, feet, hip, sciatic nerve, hemorrhoids, and/or groin pain and cramping. Shooting electrical feeling in legs, feet, and toes.

Solar Plexus Chakra– Diarrhea, cramps, bubbly feeling, gas, indigestion, and/or pressure in the solar plexus area.

Throat Chakra– Teeth pain, Congestion, sore throat, allergies, coughing, lump in throat, and/or sinus issues.

Third Eye Chakra– Headaches, forehead pressure, blurry vision, feeling as though you have pink eye, and/or a sense of dread.

Numerology Tarot Card Of The Day: The Sun- Divine intervention that brings you clarity so you can see the truth.

Mantra For The Day: “I am releasing old energy that brings me clarity so I can see the truth and attain what I desire.”

Take Care,


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