Chakra Energy Forecast January 12th, 2021

Today we have Mercury and Uranus helping us with the emotions that are repressed from our inner wound. This energy will focus on our Solar Plexus and Minor Chakras. Mercury is about knowledge, inner knowledge that we need to move forward on our path to healing. Uranus is about awakening that inner knowledge so we can recognize it and heal it. We also have some Lunar energy from the New Moon on the 13th working on bringing to the surface those inner secrets you need to discover to heal further. This Lunar energy is delving into your subconscious over the next 2 days helping Uranus awaken what you need to know to heal your inner most wound.

Solar Plexus Chakra– Diarrhea, cramps, bubbly feeling, gas, indigestion, and/or pressure in the solar plexus area.

Minor Chakras– Aches and pain all over the body and/or burning stinging pain in one area of the body. Whole body itching.  Minor Chakras are the pressure points used in acupuncture.

Numerology Tarot Card Of The Day: The Moon- Subconscious inner secrets that need to surface and be revealed on your divine path of healing.

Mantra For The Day- “I will shine my light on my inner secrets and bring them to the surface to heal”.

Take Care,


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