Chakra Energy Forecast Monday January 11th, 2020

Today we have energy from Mercury and Jupiter and they will be helping us with illusions over our Third Eye and SoulStar Chakras. These illusions are keeping us from the knowledge we need for further growth and abundance. Illusions are created and kept in our subconscious, they keep us from seeing the real truth, but once the veil is gone we will have attained higher level of awareness and greater knowledge. You will then be able to use that awareness and knowledge to experience great growth, and as a result, more abundance coming to you. 

Third Eye Chakra– Headaches, forehead pressure, blurry vision, feeling as though you have pink eye, and/or a sense of dread.

Soulstar Chakra– directly behind the Third Eye Chakra pain on back of head. Same symptoms of Third Eye Chakra but mental energy.

Numerology Tarot Card Of The Day: The Tower- Energy is coming to help you shift your consciousness to a higher level, leading to a Revelation.

Mantra For The Day- “I am shifting my consciousness to a higher level of awareness bringing me growth and abundance.”

Take Care,