Chakra Energy Forecast Saturday January 9th, 2021

Chakra Energy Forecast Saturday January 9th, 2021

Today we are going to have a lot of mental energy from Venus, Mercury, and Mars. Mental energy means random thoughts surfacing from the past. Why am I thinking about someone or a relationship from 10- 20 years ago? You repressed those thoughts then and did not let yourself think them, so now they are going to come up for healing. This energy will be Third Eye, Soulstar, and Minor Chakras. The Soulstar Chakra is directly behind your Third Eye Chakra on the back of your head and it is a Higher Chakra. Higher Chakras are what contain our repressed thoughts from the past. It will be very easy to be triggered today. You may have it under control but the collective doesn’t and they don’t know what is happening to them. Be Patient and Be Kind with them. Don’t let a triggered person trigger you, you have come too far for that. Rise above.

Third Eye Chakra– Headaches, forehead pressure, blurry vision, feeling as though you have pink eye, and/or a sense of dread.

Soulstar Chakra– directly behind the Third Eye Chakra pain on back of head. Same symptoms of Third Eye Chakra but mental energy.

Minor Chakras– Aches and pain all over the body and/or burning stinging pain in one area of the body. Whole body itching. Minor Chakras are the pressure points used in acupuncture.

Tarot Card For The Day: Temperance- The Divine Gift of balance.

Mantra For Today: “I am letting go of thoughts that no longer serve me and achieving balance.” 

Take Care,