Energy Forecast: Friday January 1st, 2021

Friday January 1st, 2021

Mercury and Neptune will be sending energy to your Root, Crown, and Minor Chakras. This energy will clear up any confusion you have had lately. I know I have had brain fog and confusion. I will open my computer to work and nothing will click, so I close it. You also may feel sleepy, disconnected, and have a hard time focusing. You will feel more connected, have clarity, and clearer thinking after this Mercury Neptune Sextile is over.

Mantra For Today:” I open myself to a deeper connection with the Universe so I can have clarity and clear thinking.”

Root Chakra- Leg, feet, hip, sciatic nerve, hemorrhoids, and/or groin pain and cramping. Shooting electrical feeling in legs, feet, and toes.

Crown Chakra- Pressure on top or sides of head, feeling as if you are wearing a headband or hat, headaches, itchy or tingly scalp, sleepy, drained and/or feeling disconnected.

Minor Chakras- Aches and pain all over the body and/or burning stinging pain in one area of the body. Whole body itching.

Take Care,