Luke 25:45 Your Minds Eye

Luke 25:45

Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.

 What this verse is talking about is your third eye opening to a greater and deeper level of awareness and understanding on your journey. Our eyes allow us to see but our third eye is our minds eye. The more open your third eye is the deeper your understanding is because you have more clarity to see deeper truths with.

 The bible and it’s verses were used to instill fear and control some of us as children. They were used by people that had no understanding of what they really meant because their minds and third eye were closed. Now that you are on your journey your third eye and mind are being opened by the energy you are receiving and the more your third eye opens the deeper your understanding will become. The higher meaning of the scriptures is not meant for everyone to know.

 I want to start posting some meaningful verses that pertain to what we are going through on this journey. This is the first verse I am starting with because we have had our third eye being worked since last weekend and it will continue until the end of the month. Neptune, who rules the third eye, will be going direct on November 29th. November 30th we have a grand finale with a full moon and lunar eclipse in Gemini, both which will focus energy on our third eye. You will have a deeper understanding and a higher level of consciousness and awareness in December than you had in November.

Take Care,