How To Know You Are Going Through A Root Chakra Upgrade

 Our root chakra is located at the base of our spine. This is also the first chakra to open when you begin your journey. The root chakra relates to our safety, security, and stability in: relationships, our home, our job and/or career, our health, our finances, and our everyday basic needs being met.  

 When your root chakra is being upgraded it means you had energy blocks from your past that need to be removed. This is not an instantaneous process. It takes years as you have had dead energy built up in layers from in your past your sense of safety, stability, and security being threatened. If as a child your basic needs weren’t met by your parents you probably had a lot of fear and struggled. This fear didn’t go anywhere it collected on your root chakra located in your energy system. 

 An upgrade is the process of energy coming to you to help you remove this past energy that has built up in layers. When your root chakra is receiving an upgrade there are different physical symptoms that can happen. If you aren’t aware of them they can be frightening to experience. I am going to list every symptom I can think of to help ease your mind.

  • Pain in legs, lower back, feet, groin area 
  • Shooting electrical pains in legs
  • Cramps in feet, calves, and thighs

 Energy problems if not addressed can manifest into lasting physical symptoms. Until the energy problem is taken care of. 

  •  Pain and swelling in knees, ankles, feet, and legs
  •  Rashes, sores, and dry skin on legs

 When I first began my journey and didn’t know it. I would have such intense lower back pain at night. I would have to get out of bed and lay on the living room floor. I of course thought it was something wrong with my mattress.  I also had deep aching pain in my leg bones that I hadn’t had since I was a child. 

 You can also experience the release of thought and emotions during an upgrade. As the energy coming to you is working on the layers that have built up over time. These layers contain repressed emotions and thoughts you had in the past. The root chakra relates to safety and security so fear based emotions and thoughts will come up to be released.

  • I am not going to have enough money to pay my bills and survive
  • My relationship is not safe and stable
  • I don’t make enough money at my job
  • I am sick, unhealthy, and dying
  • I am going to lose my home, job, car, or my money etc

 These thoughts and emotions will come out of nowhere and be irrational and have no basis in reality. This is because you are releasing fear-based energy from your past. Although it seems like it is happening in the present it is not really happening. Fear stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real but it is not real it is just fear from your past trauma coming up for healing. 

 If you had a traumatic abusive childhood your root chakra was greatly affected by this. It will take some time to remove this blocked energy and have a healthy root chakra again. It is a process that takes quite some time, but it can be done. If you think you are on your journey the best thing you can do is focus on you and practice a lot of self-care. 

Take Care,