What I Think A Twinflame Relationship Really Is

What I Think A Twinflame Relationship Really Is

I have been doing pretty frequent Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine readings and videos. What I have found is both readings resonate with me. I am no longer around my “Twinflame”, so I have no idea what is going on with him. It was a mutual breakup. I outgrew him and our vibrations were too far apart to stay together. I have been single for a few months now. 

I think the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are more about energries in me and you, than other people. We have to balance them and merge them on our journeys, to become our highest self. We first go through the Divine Feminine journey. The 7 major chakras and healing our victim consciousness. We then after seeing we are not a victim and taking our power back, move onto the Divine Masculine journey and healing lack and loss, abundance, and manifestation consciousness, and the higher chakras. Then both energies begin to merge into higher self consciousness.

There are actually 12 levels of consciousness we have to go through. They are called archetypes. We start with The Innocent and end with The Fool. A great book to read about archetypes is, Awakening The Heroes Within by Carol S. Pearson if you want to learn about the archetypes. It is a very informative and enlightening book.

There are a lot of twelves on our journeys. Twelve Chakras, twelve levels of consciousness, twelve spheres on the Tree of Life, and twelve zodiac signs. The Tree of Life is a map to our journey, each sphere represents a level of consciousness and a chakra, and most likely an archetype too. 

I have come to the conclusion that we are our own twinflames. We make our souls whole by healing  the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies and merging them together. That the “Twinflame” relationship is really about having a person trigger us to heal our codependency. It is codependent to think that to complete our mission and journey. We need this other person. It is codependent to think this other person is the other half of our soul and we need them to make our soul whole. Codependency is all about needing another person.

What my 4 year “Twinflame” relationship taught me was I have let men treat me bad and disrespect my whole life. It started with my very first relationship with a man in my life, my father. His conditional love taught me I had to earn love and I developed codependency. Then every relationship I had was like that. I have never had a good relationship with a man. In fact wasn’t attract to nice guys. I wanted the ones that treated me bad because it was an energetic connection. Their issues matched my issues I needed to heal. My “Twinflame” triggered me into healing my codependency and me thinking I had to earn love, by showing me conditional love and treating me bad. My whole life I thought  unconsciously I had to be treated bad by men because my father treated me bad. The difference is I woke up before I met my “Twinflame” and it was my first relationship after I raised my level of awareness. Over time I became more aware of how bad he treated me and decided I deserved better. 

It is unlikely with over 7 billion people in the world and roughly half of them men. That you just happen to work with, live by, or talk to on the internet with the one person that has the other half of your soul. What about single people do they have no mission? Do they not get to heal? Do they just walk around with half of a soul forever?

My soul is whole because I made it whole by a lot of hard work. My “Twinflame” was just a person I was in a relationship after I woke up. He was just an ascension partner that triggered me to heal. We don’t have to be together to complete a mission. I completed it myself by healing myself. That was my mission the whole time. He just was a partner that triggered me and when I healed enough our vibes didn’t match. We then went our separate ways. I am my own twinflame. 

“Twinflames” can be parents, coworkers, roomates, siblings, children, or neighbors. They are anybody that triggers the unhealed parts of you, so that you may recognize them and heal them.

You don’t need another person to complete your journey. You just need you. I really think the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are in us. Not another person. 

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4 thoughts on “What I Think A Twinflame Relationship Really Is

  1. Thank you Dawn!!! I definitely resonate with everything you said… Right from the start!!! My father was the exact same way… I wasn’t allowed to disagree with him on any subject, that was out of the question!!! He was extremely violent when he drank (I’m actually working thru that lately)

    I’ve had 2 very toxic long term relationships that were a disaster!!! Now however I’m in a relationship with my soul mate and she’s helping me (though she’s unaware of it) work with my Devine feminine energies!!!

    So again I say thank you!!! And love and light to you!!! Nameste

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