How To Become A Vibrational Match To Your Dreams And Desires

When you begin this journey you have a very low vibration. You have gone through your life before awakening, being weighed down by your past experiences. Any abuse, trauma, and fear you have experienced in the past has collected on your energy body. This fear-based energy lowers your vibration. Throughout your journey this energy will be removed by your healing and gaining more and more self-love. As this energy is removed your vibration raises higher and higher. That is how you become a vibrational match to the life you have always dreamed about and desired.

You become a vibrational match to lessons and breaking karmic cycles on your journey. You become a vibrational match to higher levels of consciousnesses. You become a vibrational match to people and situations. You become a vibrational match to manifest whatever you want. You will manifest what is at your vibration, it is the Law of Attraction. We attract according to the level of our vibe. As you raise your vibe you will change friends, relationships, jobs, and/or homes, because you have raised your vibe and those people and situations no longer match your old vibe. You move onto higher vibe people and situations. This is why you lose a lot of friends and sometimes family on your journey. You and the other person vibes no longer match. Whatever energetic connection you shared is gone. Then higher vibe people will then be attracted to you and you to them.

An example is my 4 year “twinflame” relationship. We met and were instantly attracted to each other and shared a strong energetic attraction. I was on my journey for about a year and a half. He was not on his. When we met our vibes matched. As I continued on my journey my vibe raised and his didn’t, then we began to have problems. The same problems I had in all my past relationships because I didn’t love myself and allowed myself to be treated bad. This time was different though because I was awakened and was more aware. After 2 years, we moved in with each other. After a few months living together, I had a big breakthrough and raised my level of consciousness. After that our vibes really didn’t match and we began to lose interest in each other. As I continued to raise my vibe the difference in our vibes became bigger and bigger. By the end of 2 years of living together we were just roomates and both of us wanted out. We were no longer a vibrational match and ended our relationship. If he had chosen to raise his vibe along with me, we would have stayed together.

This can happen with jobs too. You may all of a sudden begin to hate your job. You become so miserable you begin to look for another job. You find another job that you like much more than your old job. You have raised your vibe too high for your old job and your new job matches your vibe. 

We all have a picture in our mind and heart, of the life we have always dreamed about and desired. Along your journey you raise your vibe to match those dreams and desires. You leave behind people and situations to move yourself closer to your dreams and desires. You can’t take low vibe people and situations with you, the vibes don’t match. You can’t bring someone up to your vibration but they can lower you to their vibration. When you let go, you move onto bigger and better things.

We all have one goal to be happy but you have to raise your vibe to match that happiness. When you are in a situation or with a person that doesn’t match your vibe, you are unhappy, miserable, and drained. You raise your vibe by healing and loving yourself more and more. Our past caused us not to love ourself, because people taught us not to. We were all born with knowing what love is. We knew the parent that abused us didn’t love us. The boyfriend that cheated on us didn’t love us. The friends that backstabbed us didn’t love us. We also didn’t love ourselves, but when you begin to love yourself, you know you deserve better. As soon as you know you deserve better because you love yourself too much to be treated this way or live this way. You get better, because you have become a vibrational match to better people and situations in your life. 

You will lose a lot on your journey to self-love but you gain a lot too. Love is the highest vibration and fear is the lowest. As you shed more fear and gain more love, you raise your vibration. As you let go of people and situations that no longer serve you, better and higher vibrational comes in to replace what you lost. Eventually, you become the vibration to everything you have dreamed and desired because you have earned it, by raising your vibe to the highest vibration of all. Love especially self-love. It is the Law of Attraction,

Take care,