How The Divine Masculine Lost His Power

How The Divine Masculine Lost His Power

The Divine Masculine has nothing to do with gender it is a relationship role and an energy. I will say his but if can be a person of female gender.

The Divine Masculine has a poor mother image. Just like the Divine Feminine has a poor father image. The Divine Masculine views all women through this mother image over his third eye. The Divine Feminine had a toxic father and the Divine Masculine had a toxic mother. The purpose of the twinflame relationship is for both Divines to heal these images of the opposite sex so they can have healthy balanced relationships. 

The Divine Masculine has a profound disrespect of women due to his mother. They could not respected their mother so they see through this image that they can’t respect any woman. They may have watched their mother be abused and disrespected,. Their mother could have failed to protect them from abuse. They could have been neglected by their mother. They could have been smothered by their mother. Something in their childhood because of their mother actions caused them to not feel loved, cared for, or safe. They then choose to shut off love because they didn’t get love. The Divine Feminine went the opposite and overly loved without boundaries and became codependent. The Divine Masculine has impenetrable boundaries to keep love away because he was hurt by his mother.

When the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine first meet the energetic connection will be magnetizing and during that time the Divine Feminine can see what the Divine Masculine could become if he took his journey like the Divine Feminine has already done. No matter how much you want him to be awakened he is not. After awhile the Divine Masculine will slip back into his old ways and ego. He will then begin to treat the Divine Feminine like he has all other women due to his mother image. He will refuse to love her and he will treat her bad. He will treat her bad because in his subconscious when he treats her bad he is getting back at and punishing his mother, who failed him in some way as a child. 

The Divine Feminine is trapped in a karmic cycle of codependency and receiving conditional love, feeling like she must earn love. The Divine Masculine may not be a total textbook narcissist but will have strong narcissistic tendencies. Narcissists are masters of the giving conditional love game. So he can give the Divine Feminine what she thinks she is deserving of conditional love on his conditions. The Divine Masculine will be selfish and only care about themselves and how they feel. This is how they learned to protect themselves as a child from their mothers. So he learned to only focus on him. Only his wants, desires, and needs matter. The Divine Feminine learned to focus only on what others wants, desires, and needs are. This makes them a perfect match with the issues. His broken pieces fit her broken pieces, like a puzzle. It is the Law of Attraction at play you attract what you need to heal. That is the strong energetic connection you feel. 

At times and in the beginning the Divine Feminine because she is awakened, can see what the Divine Mascuiline could become but eventually that will turn into brief glimpses as the Divine Masciline sinks back into ego protection mode. He then begins to run or stay and just push the Divine Feminine away. He can’t receive love due to his boundaries built from his childhood pain and the only love he can give is conditional love. 

The Divine Mascline lost his power to be able to love. The Divine Feminine lost her power to being able to love in a healthy way. She earns conditional love and he gives conditional love, together they are trapped in a karmic cycle. 

Take Care,