October 12th, 2020 Journey Reading

October 12th, 2020

In our first card we have a carousel horse trapped in a glass globe. We have 2 dolls looking up looking up in every and awe that the horse has broken free to chase his dreams. The horse was trapped in his life just like we were before we awoken. Just going through life numb and in pain. Doing the same routine and repetition over and over. We were all born high dimensional beings already embodied in our HigherSelves. Then the pain and trauma in our life brought us down to ego and trapped us. Just like the horse who broke out of his glass cage, we woke up and broke free of our 3D confines to chase our dreams. Our dreams of a better life that we always knew deep down we deserved and were meant to live. To become our authentic HigherSelf.

Our second card is a mother loving and nurturing while holding her child. The mother is wearing a mask and represents you on your journey. The journey to removing the false mask you have been wearing your whole life. The false mask of your trauma and pain that has caused you to not be your authentic self and not live the life you were meant to live. The baby is wearing a jester hat. Another name for a jester in court days was a Fool. The last of the 12 archetypes of The Heroโ€™s Journey is The Fool. When you have reached the fool you have completed The Heroโ€™s Journey. The mother is loving and nurturing herself she is the baby that will then be reborn into her true authentic HigherSelf. 

The third card is you laying in a golden circle of protection and being cared for while you heal on your journey. The hands are your guides, angels, ancestors, and ascended masters sending you love and guidance while you heal on this journey. They are always there for you and protecting you while you do this sacred divinely ordained work. Never think you are abandoned and alone on this journey. You are guided and protected at all times. Call on your golden circle of protection whenever you need to. They are always there around you and just need you to ask.

Deck: Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti

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