October 10th, 2020 Energy Reading

October 10th, 2020

We have divine energy helping us see through illusions and remove mental blocks today. Our third eye chakra is where we have illusions from our subconscious that unknowingly control us. The energy today going to our third eye can cause headaches, forehead pressure, blurry vision, back of neck pain, and/or a sense of dread. The energy going to our crown chakra working on our mental blocks can pressure on top or sides of head, headaches, itchy or tingly scalp, sleepy, drained and/or feeling disconnected.

In our first card there is a lady sitting in front of a chess board where the king is checkmated. The king is trapped with no way out. There is a cage full of butterflies that are trapped but the door to the cage is open. There is a way out. The Universe today is opening a door for you and offering a way out. Are you going to go through the open door or are you going to stay trapped? The Universe is sending you the energy to go through the door and be free.

Our second card is a jester controlling marionettes on a stage. This card is representing the illusion that is controlling and manipulating you. The jester is your subconscious where the illusion comes from. Our illusions come from our past trauma and pain. To be free from the jester we have to see through that illusion and bring what is in our subconscious to consciousness. Once we bring something to the light it no longer controls us.

Our third card is a lady who is a warrior bound and tied up from a mental block. Underneath her is the sword of truth but she needs to untie herself to reach her sword. In the background is a bird who represents a message from the divine that can help her untie herself. Her helmet is covering her eyes but not her ears. She can’t see that she can easily untie herself but if she hears the message. She can then release herself and grab her sword again. She will be able to fly again and be free. 

You are being offered a way out today. Are you going to take it or stay controlled and trapped in your mind?

Love and Light,


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