October 9th, 2020 Energy Reading

October 9th, 2020 

We have Divine Energy going to our Heart and Crown chakras today. This energy is working on helping you remove your emotional blocks. Symptoms of this energy in your Heart Chakra may cause heart flutters or palpitations, chest pressure, and/or anxiety. You may experience having regrets or grief surface about past decisions or relationships. This can cause you to feel anxious  at times. You may feel pressure on top or sides of head, headaches, itchy or tingly scalp, sleepy, drained and/or feeling disconnected from Crown Chakra chakra upgrades. You could feel disconnected from your guidance today leaving you feeling abandoned and alone. 

This emotional block is keeping you from living an abundant life that you deserve. The three of pentacles reversed is letting you know this block is in the process of being removed. The two of swords reversed is telling you that you will be able to see the truth about an emotional situation in your life very soon. The veils are being lifted enabling the truth to be seen. The emperor is saying you are in the process of building something for the greater good, a new life and a new you. Listen and follow your inner guidance today it will never fail you. 

Take Care.


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