Releasing Past Toxic Relationships Through Our Dreams

We have a full moon in Aries tonight and all full moons help us release emotional blocks from our past. This full moon is focusing a lot of lunar energy on our sacral chakra. Our sacral chakra holds our emotional blocks from past relationships that caused us trauma and pain. These emotional blocks keep us from fully achieving self-love. 

You may have woken up this morning with some low back pain from a lot of sacral chakra work that occurred in our sleep. You may have had dreams about past toxic relationships last night or may have them tonight, Dreams are how our subconscious purges and releases past traumatic experiences. These experiences if we have not addressed them stay repressed in our subconscious. While our dreams can disturb us. These experiences need to be released and healed and our dreams help us do that.

If you remember and pay attention to your dreams they can guide you to what you need to look at and heal. If you have recurring dreams of a house this usually represents you in the dream. I will give you an example of a dream I had last night and how it addresses my healing of past toxic relationships. 

I dreamed of a 2 story house and in that house three people who I have had very toxic past relationships with were living. I went in the house and confronted each one at a time and told them whether they liked it or not I was moving back in. Since the house represents me, I was telling the toxic people they no longer had control over my house and if they didn’t like me taking control back over my house they could leave. 

When I first began my journey I had a recurring dream of a house with secret rooms and passageways. I would open a door and discover a treasure. Some stairways led to nowhere and some lead to a hidden door with a treasure. This dream represented me as the house and me discovering secrets and treasures about myself on this journey if I kept opening the doors and healing.. 

Dreams can point you in the right direction of what you need to heal from your past. If you can remember them a dream journal is a great idea. 

Happy Full Moon!