New Moon In Virgo 9/17/20 Tarot Reading

We have a New Moon in Virgo September 17th, 2020. This New Moon will go with the theme we have had all year and will have the rest of the year. Healing the illusion on our third eye of codependency and accepting conditional love in relationships. It will help us get out of the conditional love cycle and feeling as though we have to earn love, affection, and approval in relationships. This is something you learned as a child and you can’t have a healthy relationship as an adult until it is healed. 

This New Moon will be focusing on the heart chakra and third eye chakra.  Expect to feel anxious at times, this is just old energy leaving your body. You may also experience headaches and back of neck pain from the third eye being worked on. 

I did a New Moon  in Virgo reading to help explain what is happening to you in your inner life. 

6 of Swords reversed- You are in the process of leaving a mental negative situation.

The World reversed- This situation is keeping you from walking through life with confidence, being happy, and being in harmony. 

5 of Pentacles reversed- This New Moon will be bringing you recovery and improvement in this negative situation. 

Hierophant reversed-  In the recent past you were not having faith and following your path. This New Moon is going to help and guide you back on your path.

Empress reversed- This New Moon is addressing lack of abundance in your present life. Healthy relationships with yourself and others is having abundance.

8 Cups reversed- You are holding on and not leaving behind what no longer serves you. Unhealthy, unbalanced,  and codependent behaviors. 

3 of Wands- This new Moon is going to help you take a first step and take action to healing this.

8 of Wands reversed- Once it is healed everything will get easier and calm down.

Judgement- You have learned and mastered the lesson.

The Tower- Learning and mastering the lesson will have caused you to have shifted your consciousness to a higher level!

The theme of this year is healing codependency, the focus on others and not yourself, and being able to receive unconditional love. We have 6 planets in retrograde helping and supporting us in doing this inner work. Work with the energy and take all that energy you focus on something else and put into yourself. I took a look at 2021’s energy and it will be a cakewalk compared to 2020 and won’t be as supportive. So use this energy while you can to grow, evolve, and empower yourself. Start 2021 with a new you.



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