What Energy Will The 9/9 Portal Be Bringing You? Reading

The Tower is bringing a challenge to shift your consciousness to a higher level. This shift will be inner but will cause everything around you to change with you. All change begins inside and then will radiate to your outside life. Any change you make inside will affect everything around you and force it to change with you, to meet your higher vibe.

The 9 of Pentacles reversed is telling you the shift you need to make will bring you independence and confidence. It is time to let go of lower behaviors we have that are holding us back. Are you codependent and tend to focus your energy on pleasing others? On how others feel and neglecting yourself and how you feel? It is time for this to go, it no longer serves you. 

The 5 of Wands reversed is telling you once you make this shift and let go of what no longer serves you all, inner conflict will end. The 9/9 portal energy is urging you to make these changes and totally is supporting every change you make. All the changes you make will bring you abundance and inner peace. 

Love, Dawn


2 thoughts on “What Energy Will The 9/9 Portal Be Bringing You? Reading

  1. i read this earlier and didn’t think it related. i decided to read it again when i picked up my phone after doing some yoga. i focused heavily on my sacral chakra during this practice, as i intuitively felt to… and was amazed at the kind of emotions coming up, and how illuminated my heart chakra became! so as i said, i decided to read this post again, and i am blown away by how much this relates to my life right now. it’s funny how i didn’t see it before. anyway, thank you for this card i reading and for this post, i just wanted to share my little story about it with you!

    blessings 🙏🏽

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