Energy Update 9/8/2020

Energy Update 9/8/2020

We have some intense energy coming in, it started in the middle of the night. Night sweats and going from hot to cold. We also had some cramping issues, you may have been running to the bathroom. All that energy was from Uranus.

The energy changed this morning We now have Chiron and Pluto energy going to our third eye working on dissolving our illusions. You may have a headache from this energy. It can also be hard to focus when your third eye is being worked on by the Universe.

We also have Neptune energy going to our throat chakra. Sore throat, sinus issues, sneezing, and teeth pain can result from this energy.

9/9/2020 is a day we have a portal it has already started opening. All portals ramp up the energy so it is going to be an intense few days for energy.

Take care

Love & Light.


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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Honestly I didn’t know where my ‘headache’ was coming from. Unlike my usual migraines, this headache has been persistent since Sunday/ Saturday night. My head is too muddled to tell. I’m getting brief moments of relief through meditation though. I hope it will end soon.

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