Uranus In Retrograde 2020: Toxic People And Situations Are Going Bye Bye

Uranus is in retrograde from August 15th 2020 to January 14th 2020 if your life hasn’t radically changed yet it will. What Uranus in retrograde does is remove toxic low vibe people and situations from your life, evolving you to a higher vibe life stage. If you haven’t done it Uranus in retrograde will.

Expect job changes, relocation, and toxic people to drift away or be forced out of your life. All od sudden losing friends? This is why but don’t worry what is taken away is always given back. New higher vibe people and situations will appear shortly.

Joining in is Nepiune in retrograde it began June 22nd 2020 and continues until November 28th 2020. While Neptune stands for dreams, creativity, and imagination. It also stands for illusions and delusions. So in retrograde Neptune will be removing illusions from your Third Eye and God’s Mouth chakras. The God’s Mouth chakra has many names Jade Pillow and Well of Dreams. This chakra is located on the back of your neck. So if you have been experiencing headaches and sore necks this is Neptune is Retrograde working it’s magic and helping you see through illusions. 

These two retrogrades have been working together the past few weeks. Toxic people and situations will leave your life and any illusions about them will be leaving your third eye.This toxicity had to go because your vibe has been raised from all your inner work and they no longer have any lessons to teach you. So while yes it can be shocking so much change at once. It is proof you have done the work to raise your vibe!! Congratulations!!

Hope this explains the energy that has been going on.

Much Love,