Leo Season: The Narcissist In Your Life Exposed

Leo’s can be very charming and engaging people and lots of fun to be around. There are dark sides to every sign though. A weak Leo has the qualities of being egotistical, demanding, vain, domineering, and controlling. They love attention and are very grandiose at times. 

Now who does that sound like? A narcissist and I guarantee if you see this blog someone very close to you is one and it is time for them to be exposed. Leo season is the time for this to happen. We are all watching Ellen fall off her pedestal. She has all the traits of a narcissist. Narcissists love to play a game with you and your emotions. They mess with your mind and enjoy every minute of it. They are a master of conditional love. They have no love for you or anyone for that matter and enjoy seeing you in emotional and mental pain. It is a game to them. The narcissist in your life doesn’t have to be a Leo they can be any sign. Narcissism is just the traits of a weak Leo.

We as children were shown conditional love by at least one of our parents and this created a karmic cyle of us attracting narcissists. Conditional love makes you think you have to earn love from a person and that you don’t deserve love unless you earn that love. As a child we were trained to earn love and it created an illusion over our third eye. This illusion keeps us from seeing people close to us for who they really are. It causes us to only see the good and not the bad in a person. We never wanted to believe one of our parents was a bad person and we only tried to see the good. The problem was the good wasn’t real because it was only show under certain conditions. When you act like, dress like, and do what that parent wanted you to do. We were only shown attention and love in certain conditions when this person thought we deserved it. This cycle of conditional love continues on and on. Since we didn’t feel like we just deserved love we attracted people that didn’t give us love. Then the cycle of conditional love begins. It is now time to break it by seeing the person in your life for who they truly are. A narcissist.

Narcissists don’t care about anyone but themselves. They were hurt just like you as a child but chose to shut off love to as a form of protection. While you never shut off your love. You never loved in a healthy way. You loved without boundaries. You loved to hurt yourself and they use love to hurt others. They take your love and use it to hurt you and take advantage of you. The song Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar has played over and over on the radio this week and love really is a battlefield with a narcissist. They use your love as a weapon against you.

They will be loving when they want something from you, they feel you are pulling away, or catching on. This is love bombing. They will idealize you and make you feel special. They will make you feel the love you have always wanted but this never lasts. They then devalue you. Nothing is ever good enough that you do for them. You jump through hoops but still not good enough. They also trigger you on purpose because they exactly know what your triggers are. Then they discard you. They may not leave you but they will ignore you and neglect you. 

The narcissistic abuse cycle is:

  1. Idealize you
  2. Devalue you
  3. Discard you

This is the cycle of conditional love and it is hard to break it. As soon as you break it you have taken your power back and your vibe will no longer attract a narcissist because you have learned the lesson. A narcissist is a lesson teaching person and being in a relationship with one is a lesson teaching situation. The lesson is being shown conditional love and you trying to earn it. The lesson is that you deserve love under any conditions no matter what. You deserve unconditional love.

  1. Narcissists have a grandiose sense of importance and think they are better and smarter than everyone else. 
  2. They live in a fantasy world and do not at all see themselves in a realistic way. 
  3. They need constant praise and attention. 
  4. They have a sense of entitlement. They think they should just have everything and not have to work for it.
  5. They will exploit you and others and never feel bad about it. They in fact enjoy it very much. It is a game they love to play.
  6. They demean, intimidate, belittle and bully others. 
  7. This is one I never see in any article or book on narcissists but have seen myself. They like to scare you. They will startle you or scare you and laugh about it. They suck up that fear and enjoy it.

Narcissist are incapable of healthy positive emotions so they feed off negative ones. They feed their ego with causing negative emotions in you. They will smile when you are in pain. 

You cannot have a healthy relationship with a narcissist and you can’t heal them. It isn’t your job to heal them. It is your job to heal you. Your only choice is to separate yourself from them completely. If they can change they have to do the work, you can’t do it for them. The twinflame relationship almost always is with a narcissist and you can’t see it because of the illusion over your third eye. I have been in one myself and have worked with many clients in one. I have never seen a twinflame relationship that didn’t turn out that the other twin wasn’t a narcissist. A twinflame relationship is with a lesson teaching person in a lesson teaching relationship. When the lesson is learned and the lesson is taking your power back. That person will be taken out of your life. If you don’t do it the Universe will intervene and do it for you. Uranus is going retrograde and we are in the shadow period now. If you haven’t taken action the Universe will and turn your life upside down.

So in Leo season there will be a lot of breakups and relocating. It can be very sudden like it was for me. When the lesson is learned the lesson teaching person is removed from your life and the lesson teaching situation ends. The illusion is gone and the karmic cycle is broken. Once it is broken it is gone forever. You never have to learn that lesson again and you are free.

See people around you for who they really are. If someone loves you and shows love it should never be painful. It should never make you miserable. It should never make you anxious or unhappy. It should make you feel good. It should make you feel loved.

Take Care and Grow.



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