New Moon In Cancer 7/20/2020

We have a New Moon in Cancer tonight with a double dose of energy as Chiron is sending you some energy too. New Moons are about manifesting the life you desire and with this double dose of energy tonight you will be closer to that life.

The New Moon energy will be focusing on your third eye. The third eye is where we have illusions. Illusions keep us from being able to see the truth in our lives about other people and situations. So you will find some clarity about difficult situations after the New Moon in Cancer helps dissolve the illusion causing a veil over your third eye. Whatever has been distorted and confusing in your life will become more clear as clarity is being brought to you. As this New Moon is in Cancer it will be something you have felt deeply emotional about. 

We also have some Chiron energy coming in to work on your heart chakra. Chiron is going to help you remove something that is keeping you from being happy. Something keeping you from having the abundant life you desire. Abundance isn’t only money but the life you have always wanted to live. Happiness, health, doing what you love, balanced relationships, and/or a happy home life, how you have always desired your life to be. That is true abundance. 

Chiron energy will come first to work on whatever energy block in your heart chakra that is keeping you from abundance. This will be emotional as the heart chakra is in your emotional body. You will be releasing regrets, grief, and heartbreak that has caused a block to your abundance. Once you have released this energy the New Moon will step in and be sending energy to work on your third eye to dissolve an illusion. This illusion will directly relate to whatever emotions you have been releasing from your heart chakra. 

Your third eye is in your mental body so this will be you thinking about what you have just released from your heart chakra. All this inner work will help you to see through an illusion. The inner Tower moment caused by Chiron helping you release emotions. will bring clarity. To help you see the truth about whatever has been keeping you from being happy in your life. 

What will all this inner work bring you? It will bring you clarity to help you break your karmic cycle and once that cycle is broken you will evolve to a new life stage because you have raised your vibration. It will help you manifesti the life you have always desired. The life you have been doing all this work on yourself for. We are all working towards that new life and after tonight you will be one step closer to achieving what you have worked so hard for.

Hope this helps you navigate this energy!



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