As Above So Is Below: What Is Happening In The Higher Dimensions In Relation To What Is Happening On Earth.

As above so is below is actually in the bible and many other ancient texts. What it means is what is happening on Earth is actually happening in heaven or in the higher dimensions too. I promise you it is much more positive in the higher dimensions than it is on Earth. So I am going to explain what is really happening to us and the Earth, in relation to what is happening in the higher dimensions.

Since Christmas Day 2012 lightworkers have been receiving at Christmas, Christ Consciousness energy. That is why Christmas is called Christmas and Christ was said to be born on that day. What actually happens on Christmas is Christ Consciousness energy starts coming to Earth. Since Christmas Day 2012 it has only been going to lightworkers, and this happens every year at the same time. If you think back to Christmas time and how you have felt during that time since you began your journey, this will begin to resonate with you. At around late July early August life starts to smooth out and the inner chaos starts to subside. The energy is intense from late December to late July and then starts to calm down. The Universe operates on 7 year cycles. Lightworkers started receiving Christ Consciousness energy December 2012 and the cycle of it only going to lightworkers completed December 2019. 

What that means is that December 2019 the energy started not only going to lightworkers but everyone else on Earth and the world has flipped out. Christ Consciousness energy also know as Kundalini energy is pure love energy the highest frequency of energy there is. It comes in waves that is why it started on one side of the world and has now reached the other side of the world. We now have begun another 7 year cycle on Earth. This 7 year cycle is the Old Earth transitioning to the New Earth. Not everyone has chosen to take their journey to the New Earth and are leaving the Earth. Those that have chosen to stay and transition with the Earth have a chance. They have a chance of raising their vibration by taking their healing journey and receiving Christ Consciousness/Kundalini energy to help them through this journey.

So what is happening on Earth is those that have chosen to not take their journey are leaving and those that have chosen to take it are staying. Of course the Earth is 3rd dimensional so they have interpreted Christ Consciousness energy as a virus. In the higher dimensions it is Christ Consciousness energy (as above) in the lower dimension of Earth it is a virus (so below).

Lightworkers began this journey 7 years ago but we are staying to help others through it. We help them by telling them how to navigate their journey. We can do this because we have experienced it and you can’t help anyone through something you haven’t experienced yourself. I know many lightworkers haven’t completed their journey yet but they can and they will if they get to work. There are a group of lightworkers that are done or very near done with theirs now. 

So what is this journey? Its a journey to self-mastery. When you have mastered yourself you have achieved an abundance mindset. When you have achieved an abundance mindset there is nothing you can’t manifest. It is a lot of work and I can tell you all this work is inner work not outer work. You can’t heal or change your outer life (so below) until you have healed and changed your inner life (as above). Why can’t you change your outer life until you have changed your inner life? Because your vibration isn’t high enough. You haven’t achieved the abundance mindset to be able to manifest change your in outer life yet. You achieve an abundance mindset by going inside and healing your inner life. 

Once your inner life is completely healed you attract that life you have always desired and have manifested on your healing journey. You have manifested it in the higher dimensions through your journey and once you are healed with that high vibration, you attract what you have always dreamed of and desired to you. Your dreams and desires that you have manifested throughout your journey begin to come to you once you have achieved self-mastery and achieved an abundance mindset. You achieve self-mastery inside (as above) and change your outer life (so below) to however you desire it to be. As long as you keep looking outside yourself for answers you will never complete this journey. All that you seek is inside and once you start looking inside doors begin to open, doors to that life you have always desired.

The Earth will transition for the next 6 and a half years just like the people on it. I know it is scary that the whole world changed in a matter of weeks and months. It will get better. Change always appears to be negative at first. The old has to go for the new to come in. The energy is going to start to calm down and everything will start to improve the middle of August. Uranus goes retrograde August 15th and we have a New Moon August 18th we will then start to see everything calm down and healing to begin.

It is not too late to buckle down and get this journey done. As soon as you take your focus off the outside and put it and all of your energy inside. It can happen rather quickly. I see many just drifting through their journeys waiting for something to change or something to come save them. Saying everything happens in divine timing. It isn’t going to happen. Why? It’s the Law of Attraction if you are waiting you bring and attract more waiting to you. The Universe can’t get behind something that isn’t there. The Universe gets behind action. You have to take action. Once you do the Universe will get behind you full force. 



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