Inner Work With Chiron Energy July 13th to July 19th 2020

This energy can take 3 days to reach you depending in where you are at in your journey. So if you don’t feel what I write starting July 13th it can take until 14th or 15th for you to experience this energy. 

This weeks energy is all Chiron and focuses on your inner most wound. This wound has to do with not having the love you deserve and have always deserved. It is not only a personal current and past karmic cycle for you but a generational cycle in your family. You are the lightworker that gets to break it and free all future generations from this karmic cycle. Be very proud of yourself you are doing divinely ordained work and you can always ask your guides and angels to help you do this. 

This weeks energy is going to help you break that karmic cycle. To break a karmic cycle you have to go inside and identify how, when, and why you have this karmic cycle. This inner work  will raise your level of awareness and break the cycle. I am going to walk you through this weeks energy and hopefully help you recognize and break this cycle. 

We start with Chiron energy to the root chakra, The root chakra is all about safety, security, and stability, and having control in our everyday lives. So there will be some kind of Tower moment to shake up that sense of having control in your life. This will be an inner Tower helping you to surrender control to the Universe. It can be something in your outer life that triggers the Tower but the Tower for the most part will be inner. I know people fear the Tower card but it really stands for a shift in consciousness when doing inner work and is never a bad thing.

Chiron energy then moves to the solar plexus your confidence and power chakra. Chiron is presenting you with something more aligned with your higher vibe from your shift in consciousness but you have to let go of something that no longer serves you, a mindset you need to release. This mindset is keeping you from fully being confident and keeping you from reclaiming your full power. If you go through life with the mindset you aren’t loved you will naturally attract what can’t love you. It’s the Law of Attraction. You will then be in a cycle of wanting love from something or someone that can’t give you love. This cycle continues no matter who you are in a relationship with until it is broken. Your thoughts are powerful and to have a mindset of not being loved just draws more of not being loved to you. So it is very important to break this cycle to manifest the life you want.

Chiron energy will then be focusing on your minor chakras. Minor chakras cover your body this may be when you ache all over or have aches and pains in strange places that last a few hours and disappear. This energy is preparing you to see through an illusion that is keeping you from having the love you deserve now in life. Chiron will then shift to your third eye and begin to help you remove this illusion. This illusion has kept you unbalanced in life and relationships and once it is gone you will be able to start to regain balance again.

Next Chiron energy moves to the heart chakra and a download you have received begins to manifest and you begin to do your inner work. Your heart is where all your wisdom is and regrets, grief, and heartbreak are blocking you from reaching that wisdom. Your akashic records are located here and releasing regrets and heartache will help you tap into that ancient wisdom you have always carried with you.

After the heart Chiron moves back to the solar plexus to help you feel more confident and take your power back with being able to achieve balance. You have now fully accepted the divine gift of love from the Universe and released a karmic burden.

All this can occur in one day or may take more cycles to complete. Chiron is in retrograde until December 15th 2020 so the next 5 months will be healing that inner most wound. What I have described is why you feel up and down emotionally and mentally. Why one day you feel great and the next day you are a mess. 

It is hard work and this is the energy available to you this week to do it. .



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