Inner work 7/9-7/11

It has already been an intense couple days of purging. Purging is when uncontrollable thoughts and emotions surface for clearing. These thoughts and emotions surfacing will be focusing on your inner wound as Chiron is in it shadow period and goes retrograde July 11th. You don’t want to try and control what surfaces. You just want to let it go. Energy is coming to you to help you purge out this old energy and trying to repress it will just make it worse. Represiing is what got you in this situation in the first place. Feel the feelings and think the thoughts and let them out, you will stop purging when the energy stops. I wish I never did this and I wish I never did that was probably a common thought today from purging regrets.


Today Chiron was helping us purge from our heart chakra. A lot of regrets and heartbreak surfaced from our inner wound. A lot of soul searching about what is keeping you from being happy and what in your life is making you unhappy.


Looks like a break from the energy day. Soul searching may continue today. Not having the abundant life you want and not having the love you deserve. Use the break today to practice some self-care. Eat, sleep, go outside, and do something you enjoy. 

When doing inner work you want to connect the present to the past. When did you feel like that as a child? Who didn’t love you as a child like you deserved? Why are you attracting partners in your life today that don’t love you like you deserve? When you really soul search about these cycles through life and connect the present situation to the past. You are breaking karmic cycles when you do this. Most likely it’s a generational karmic cycle too. Talk with family and start seeing the generational cycles. After talking to my Mom about how I kept getting in relationships with men who can’t be supportive, loving and emotionally available partners who had toxic mothers. She too had the same pattern in her relationships. My grandmother and great grandmother probably had relationships like this too because it’s a generational karmic cycle. When you exam these cycles you bring them to awareness and they no longer can control you. You have then broken the karmic cycle. This is inner work and will happen a lot with Chiron in retrograde and you have already most likely begun this work in Chiron’s shadow period. 

We attract who and what we need to heal these karmic cycles. That is how the Law of Attraction works. 



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