Just Let It Go! Inner work for July 4th to July 8th

It will be something you have been trying to let go of since July 2018 and will have been a consistent pattern throughout your life. Most likely focusing on relationships.This karmic cycle has come to a head and it is time for it to be broken. It has occurred over and over in your life causing you to attract the same type of relationships, situations, and partners.

On July 4th the Universe aligned all the planets in the sky and created a planet parade. How this benefited you and your growth was It caused you to focus on one thing. Your karmic cycle, your inner wound, and whatever or whoever you need to detach from that is against your best interest. Someone or something you have been giving your power away too. The process of beginning to break this cycle began in July 2018 with an eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn axis and now the final eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn axis is occurring July 4th to the 5th to help you break it for good.

July 4th-5th 

We began a lunar eclipse in Capricorn which cause us to shift our consciousness inside and really soul search in our everyday life to as what we need to detach from. It will be a toxic situation and/or person. Something you have gave a lot of energy to causing you to give your power away. This lunar eclipse is urging you even more to release what is against your best interest and an obstacle to your growth.

July 5th Full Moon

Gave you a chance to take a break, rest, and focus on a lesson you need to learn. This lesson would have contained an illusion that kept you from releasing a karmic burden. Once you are able to see through this illusion your karmic burden will be released. This karmic burden is an obstacle that needs to be removed because it keeps you from being happy.  It keeps you from being in balanced and healthy relationships. This full moon began to help you remove this obstacle and manifest healing of a wound. 

July 11th Chiron goes retrograde.

Chiron is giving you an opportunity for abundance mindset by giving you wisdom on how to heal an inner wound. An abundance mindset is the ability to have positive thinking and there is a wound that has kept you from being able to achieve that mindset. This wound will have to do with not having love and/or not getting love from someone in your current life. The wound though came from your past. It came from your childhood and created a karmic cycle.  You most will find yourself purging thoughts of not having love from someone and/or a relationship. If you break this karmic cycle it will cause you to begin a new life cycle you have not seen before. You will also gaining more control in and over your life.

To break a karmic cycle you have to be able to see the truth about the cycle and why it is in your life. You have to recognize that cycle throughout your life and realize where it came from. It will go back to your childhood that is where the pattern will lead you to. Once it is healed it is gone forever because you broke the cycle. The Universe sends you the energy to help you but you have to use that energy and do your inner work. 

Now is a crucial time for your growth. It is time to let it go for good. It is time for a karmic cycle to be broken and you to heal that inner wound.



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