July 2020 Capricorn Full Moon And Lunar Eclipse

July 4th-5th we have a lunar eclipse in Capricorn. July 5th we have a full moon in Capricorn. Mars entered Aries on June 29th which began our Tower moment that is wrapping up with this eclipse and full moon in Capricorn this weekend. 

This full moon and eclipse in Capricorn is coming to help you ground from all the tumultuous emotions you have been experiencing the last 6 days, that Mars in Aries has been influencing you to go through.

July 8th chiron goes retrograde in Aries the shadow period before the retrograde is already starting to affect us. Newfound Courage from our inner healing we have done. 

You will feel more grounded, energetic, and courageous starting this week. Enjoy!



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