6/27-7/3 2020 A Massive Tower Came Through and It’s Over!!

Starting 6 days ago last Saturday, we all began to go through a Tower card moment collectively.
The Tower card is very feared but in this case it was good for us. Actually in most cases it is good for us, but at first it seems negative. The Tower comes through and clears out everything that no longer serves us. In this case it was an inner Tower and this Tower came through and helped you detach from what you were too attached to. It also caused a shift in consciousness which is what the Tower is meant to do.
It could be a present or past relationship, a job, or some other situation or person you were too attached too.
It being Cancer season the last 6 days were probably very emotional for you and up and down. Intense emotional purging was taking place.
Physically you could have been experiencing nausea, upset stomach. and frequent trips to the bathroom. This was because of energy focusing on your solar plexus helping you detach by removing energy blocks to your confidence. You may have been experiencing a lot of doubts about whatever you have been focusing on the last 6 days.
We also had a a lot of throat chakra energy in the afternoons. Stuffy head, sore throat, sinus drainage that is very similar to allergies. This energy was removing energy blocks so you can speak your truth.
The Universe has a divine plan removing blocks to your confidence from the solar plexus and then coming in and removing blocks to you speaking your truth. So that you can be more confident and speak your truth.
So the Tower ended today! Your 6 days of up’s and down’s will be coming to and end and you will feel a lot better, stronger, and more confident.
The Tower always brings a big shift in consciousness for you. You may struggle for awhile but once its done sweeping through you will feel lighter and more free from whatever you have been clinging to, that needed to go.
Pat yourself on your back! You did it!



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