The Beginning of Your Journey To Self-Mastery: The Physical Body

Kundalini is the journey to self-mastery and reaching and becoming your Higher Self.. It begins in the physical body and when you have successfully merged into your Higher Self, you have completed the kundalini journey and achieved self-mastery. I am going to walk you through the kundalini journey to give you a deeper understanding of what you are going through. Hopefully this will resonate with you and answer questions easing your mind.

The kundalini journey begins in the physical body. The physical body has just one chakra: the root chakra. The root chakra has to do with safety, stability and security in your everyday life. Your everyday life is your job, finances, present relationships, food, health, and/or home. When babies are born they operate solely from their root chakra. They cry when they need their basic needs meet. Hungry, thirsty, sleepy, or a diaper change is all root chakra related. So the root chakra is having your needs met in your everyday life and being safe and secure in your life.

When the divine decides you need to start your journey, you will start to receive energy to your root chakra to help you begin. You can’t begin this journey until the divine decides you are ready. You may say, but I have been a journey of self-improvement my whole life. This is not the same as the kundalini journey as this is when the divine sends you energy to start your journey and supports you throughout your journey with energy that changes you in every way.

The very first thing you will experience a loss that will shake your world to take away your sense of safety and stability. It can be a failed relationship, devastating health diagnoses, loss of a career or job, loss of a loved one, loss of money or a home. It is common to realize you have been in an abusive narcissistic relationship and you did not know. This loss will devastate you and shake you to your core, causing you to go inside and soul search for answers.This is known as the dark night of the soul. The dark night of the soul is intense deep soul searching. You will eventually see that changes need to made in your life and you need to change you to change your life. You will want to change your life so you never experience a loss like that again and never feel that intense emotional and mental pain ever again. 

You will feel depressed, unhappy, and exhausted. Life will be joyless and a struggle to get through and about this time strange unexplainable physical symptoms will begin. Going to the doctor and specialists can be very common during this time. It can be very frustrating because you know something is very wrong and the doctors will tell you nothing is wrong with you. You can be misdiagnosed causing you to take unnecessary medications and take tests that come back negative. It is perfectly normal to think something is physically wrong with you and to even think you are dying. In reality though it is from energy starting to change you and your body and doctors don’t understand energy and what it can do to the human body. Most people will not know when they have begun for several years and during this time life will be very dark. 

Common symptoms you may experience can be alarming and vary. Intense low back pain, electrical feeling shooting through your legs, sciatic nerve issues, pain and cramps in the legs, feet, and hips. Hives, rashes, and unexplainable skin issues due to the body seeing the kundalini energy as a invader and causing you to have an allergic reaction to the new energy changing your body. Your feet can itch and feel warm or hot due to your feet chakras opening for you to be able to have energy flow through them to your root chakra. This is when you may feel the electrical feeling shooting through your legs as kundalini energy is warn to hot energy. The root chakra covers an area from your hips down to your legs and all around to your lower back above your tailbone. 

As I said until you figure out that something physical is happening to you from energyor someone tells you that you are in kundalini, it can be very scary and you can feel like and believe you are dying or at least very very ill.

You physical body is where your willpower is and any energy blocks blocking your will power are located. The kundalini energy will be working on dissolving these blocks to your willpower. You will then decide after deep soul searching to take your power back over whatever destroyed your world. You will leave that relationship, decide to fight that diagnoses, to leave that soul draining job or situation, to conquer that depression and to change your life thereby changing you. 

This is how the kundalini journey begins and your journey to self-mastery and reaching your Higher Self also begins. You have cleared the physical body and taken your power back over your life. It is then onto the next body which I will write about later as I am going to take you through the entire journey from beginning to end. Hopefully what I write will make your journey a little bit easier and help you navigate the wild ride you have just began.

Love and Light,


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