Energetic Cords How And Why We Get Them

We get energetic cords from giving our energy and power away to a person or a situation. An energetic cord then develops and we become ungrounded, drained, and lose energy through the cord. 

We only get cords on our first four chakras; root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart. It happens when a negative thinking pattern is triggered about a past situation but it seems like it is happening in the present again. The reason they only occur on the first four chakras is those were the chakras we lived by before we awakened. We awaken when our heart chakra opens. 

When you get triggered and trapped in a negative thinking pattern a cord can develop. This will be something that triggers your past. That is why someone can say something and we overreact. That is because what they said triggered a situation in your past. If you are doing something and someone asks you if you know what you are doing. They didn’t mean it in a bad way but we took it that way because someone in our past would say that to us all the time in a negative way. You then overreact and snap at that person, because your unhealed past was triggered.

A lot of lightworkers suffer from codependency which is an addiction and negative thing pattern. Codependency is focusing on and putting our energy into someone else and not yourself. Neglecting your happiness and your needs because you are focusing on someones else’s happiness and needs. They never return all the energy back to you and you end up feeling used. 

Where you get the cord is a clue to what issues you need to heal. 

A cord on your root chakra will be about your safety and security in your everyday life. This is your 3rd dimension chakra.

A cord on your sacral will be about past trauma and abuse keeping you from fully loving your self. This is a 4th dimension chakra and about self-love.

A cord on your solar plexus will be about anything keeping you from being confident. The opposite of confidence is having doubts about yourself. This ia a fourth dimensional chakra.

A cord on your heart chakra will be anything blocking you from loving another person for the divine unconditionally and fully. So that would be resentment, grief, and heartbreak. This is a fourth dimension chakra until it opens. You then become 5th dimensional. 

Negative thinking patterns and triggers will be healed in the mental body. Then nothing will trigger you anymore because you are healed of all triggers. It is a wonderful way to be to be trigger free and you take your power back you have been giving away. 

If you are in a twinflame relationship which isn’t always romantic. It can be with a sibling, coworker, friend, parent, or child. This person will trigger you on purpose so you can see what needs to be healed. That is why it is said they are the other half of your soul because they have the ability to trigger you like no other. Their issues match your issues on an energetic level. 

If you think you have a cord you can try and remove it by focusing on it being in your hand. Set the intention to remove a cord from your root, sacral, solar plexus, or heart. When you feel the cord in your hand. Close your hand around it and pull it off. Then send it to the light. 

Cords to a situation are fairly easy to remove. Cords with a person can be harder to remove. If you feel your cord is with a person when removing it say that persons name and that you release all cords to that person. 

It is important to remove cords to keep your energy flowing and to stay grounded. You might want to make this a daily practice until you don’t get them anymore. Some cords can be physically painful if you are sensitive to energy.  The pain will go away instantly when the cord is removed. 

Try to keep cord free to take your energy and power back from that person or situation that has been keeping you drained. 

Take Care and keep you energy healthy and flowing.



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3 thoughts on “Energetic Cords How And Why We Get Them

  1. Thank you for this timely reminder!
    I love your method as it removes the root, I have used the karate chop method calling in Archangel Michael to lend me strength.
    I, literally had just cut the cord to my now ex, right before I came here.
    The Universe is amazing.
    So much love for you¡


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