Full Moon In Scorpio May 7th 2020

All Full Moons Are About Purging Emotional Blocks. The Scorpio Full Moon Is About Purging What Keeps You From Being Able To Trust. Trusting Yourself, Trusting The Divine, And Trusting The Process. Trust Has To Do With Confidence And Relates To Your Solar Plexus Chakra. Expect Doubts To Surface For Clearing With This Full Moon Energy. 

After This Full Moon You Will Be Able To Trust Yourself, The Divine, And The Process A Little More. Trust That The Divine Has Your Back At All Times And You Can Successfully Complete This Journey To Your Higher Self.

You never would have started something you aren’t capable of doing. 

I am feeling the energy in my solar plexus already.

Happy Full Moon!

Love and Light,



2 thoughts on “Full Moon In Scorpio May 7th 2020

  1. The Scorpio full moon is bidding us to delve deep into our fear of death, really life.
    And yes my solar plexus is throbbing with energy.
    A lifetime of implanted BS is being moved through that chakra. It has been happening for me all year.
    Thank you for this!

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