How Your Body Naturally Detoxes Itself On Your Journey

Your body naturally detoxes itself on your journey. Those rashes and night sweats have a purpose. To clean out unwanted toxins.

Hives, pimples, sores, and rashes are signs your body is detoxing. The skin is our largest organ and is affected by this journey too.

Night sweats that can sometimes smell vinegary or stale is a sign your body is detoxing. You may wake up dripping in sweat and have to change your clothes in the middle of the night. Keep dry clothes next to your bed because you will wake up cold and wet.

Vomiting, diarrhea, menstruation, and excessive urination is another sign of detoxing. These body functions get rid of what your body doesn’t want.

Your body is a wonderful and efficient work of art and takes care of getting rid of any unwanted toxins. There is a purpose to all the strange symptoms you are having on this journey.



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