How To Know If You Have Received A Download

Your akaschic records contain a map to the path of your Higher Self. Parts of your Akashic Records are downloaded in the chakra on the back of your neck. This chakra is called the God’s Mouth, Well Of Dreams, and The Jade Pillow.
This can leave you with a sore stiff neck for an hour or two after waking. Throughout the day this download will surface as ideas.
You might suddenly have the urge and idea to start a blog or YouTube channel. To contact someone or start a new project. Any sudden idea that causes progress on your journey came from a download.

These downloads surface in your intuition. All ideas I have had about my next steps to take usually happen as soon as I wake up. Sometimes downloads can happen while awake also. If you have a sudden nagging urge to do something follow it. It probably came from a download.



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