The Twinflame Journey

I have been on the twinflame journey for 4 years. It is an intense journey with lots of ups and downs. A twinflame is someone who triggers your unhealed issues so you may recognize them and heal them. It is not true that you only have one twinflame nor is it true that it has to be a romantic relationship. We have many twinflames and they through the law of attraction are drawn to us because their issues match our issues that need to be healed. Twinflames help us break our karmic cycles and heal.

A twinflame can be a parent, sibling, coworker, child, or friend if you are single. It will be a person you spend a lot of time with and triggers your issues that need to surface for healing. So essentially they are an ascension partner for your healing journey.There is not just one person on earth to help you heal. There are many people on earth to help you heal. Anyone that matches your unhealed parts of you and triggers you, helps you heal. You do not have to stay in a toxic relationship because you think that person is your twinflame. If you decide to end a relationship another person that matches your issues will step into the role and help you break karmic cycles. That is why through life you seem to attract the same type of person over and over. They are there to help you break a karmic cycle and once broken you will rise to the next level. You will then never attract that type of person again because you have healed the issues that attracted them.

A twinflame teaches you self-love and not always in the most pleasant way. They can treat you pretty badly at times. This is so you learn to stand up for yourself in relationships. That you learn to set boundaries on how and how not you will be treated. They teach you unconditional love of yourself and unconditional forgiveness for yourself. They teach you detachment. They teach you to love yourself wholly and fully. Many lightworkers suffer from codependency and the twinflame helps you heal that. Codependency is a negative thinking pattern that causes you to focus on others and not yourself. We learn it in childhood and it causes us to neglect ourselves and how we feel. It teaches us to put others first. 

You are energetically connected to a twinflame because their issues match your issues. If you are hyper and always needing to do something. They will be lazy and not as energetic. If you are an overthinker they will be laid back and nothing bothers them. If you are overly emotional they will be under emotional. If you are an obsessive neat freak they will be messy and unorganized. If you are super responsible. They will be irresponsible. They will be the opposite extreme of you. This is so by triggering the unbalanced parts of each other you bring each other into balance. 

Your twinflame is attracted to you through the law of attraction. So if your twin is a romantic partner the worst thing you can do is wait for them, The universe responds to the energy and vibration you send out, So if you are waiting you will get more waiting in return. You do not want to wait on anyone to heal yourself. The more you focus on yourself and not your twin the faster and further you progress on your journey. Putting your energy into another person and not yourself is codependency and unhealthy for you and the other person. 

When you progress enough on your journey to have healed the issues that attracted your twinflame. They then turn into a soulmate. The purpose of a twinflame relationship whether they are a romantic partner or not is to heal you enough to have healthy balanced relationships in life. It is to teach you to focus on you and not another person. 

Your twinflame is a partner to help you heal and break karmic cycles that have kept you attracting unhealthy relationships in your life. They may treat you bad at times but it is for your greater good. The process while it can be painful has a purpose and the purpose is to heal you. 

Love and Light,


7 thoughts on “The Twinflame Journey

  1. I relate to all of this. My twin has helped me more in healing than any other person in my life… ever. There aren’t enough words in existence to describe this experience. But I am grateful… despite much pain and heartache. ❤❤❤


  2. Over and over, I recreated the same issues I was born into.
    Severe patriarchy with me in eternal indentured service.
    I decided that I would beat men at their own game, and did a number of times but my highs always ended as my being could not stay there long.
    And I deeply hated the feminine experience and expression on this planet, and why not? I deeply hated myself for being born female.
    My how life has changed.
    The Goddess Sekhmet is beside me, supporting me, fueling my love of self and women.
    Catalyst can either plunge us into despair or be the fuel for our flight to freedom.
    The choice is our own.


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