Everything Should Start To Get Better This Week 4/12/2020

This energy should be letting up tonight and everything getting better this week. The energy from Christmas to Easter is a transition period and can be really rough. You are clearing out any old energy that needs to go and welcoming new higher energy in. If you think back to this time of year since your awakening there would have been lots of changes and then it smoothes out.

Many people think Jesus is a person. A lot of us were raised to believe that. I was raised in a religious family and we went to church 3 times a week. I also attended a christian school and the whole thing never resonated with me. I knew what I was being told wasn’t right. I absorbed a lot of information at church and school even though I didn’t like it. Then when I grew up I began to rethink the Jesus thing. What I discovered was he isn’t a person, he is a journey.

Jesus represents the kundalini journey. He is a healing energy that pushes you through kundalini. I don’t like the word kundalini as most people don’t know what it is. In a nutshell the kundalini journey is the journey to become your higher self. When you have reached your higher self you have completely mastered yourself. Your will power, emotions, thoughts, your energy, and your subconscious. You have attained complete and total self-mastery. Jesus is the journey to your higher self. He is the journey to the Source or God whichever you prefer to call it.

Jesus also represents the lightworker journey. He incarnated from the Source just like lightworkers did. He was persecuted and treated very badly. Just like a lot of lightworkers are. What we were taught about him wasn’t true. He is not a person, he is a journey. Lightworkers take this journey first and now the world is about to take the same journey. Us lightworkers are here to help them through it because we experienced it first. After they have exhausted all other avenues they will be heading to us for help. When they realize the doctor and modern medicine can’t help them they will be looking for answers in alternative ways. That is how I found this journey. After 2 years of doctor and hospital visits, with every test that could be run coming up that I was healthy. I found a healer and she introduced me to this journey. That is how the collective will find us too.

I see and my guides tell me everything is going to start getting better after today. That the earth is going to be cleared and this energy letting up. We don’t want to go back to our old ways as during this time there were some improvements. The air and water has gotten cleaner. In India they can see the Himalayan Mountains again, in Venice the water has cleared up and fish are swimming in it again, and endangered sea turtles are laying eggs on beaches again. It was people and the 24/7 hustle and bustle that was destroying the environment. So I hope we learned lessons from this on how to treat our Earth and make changes.

So welcome in the new energy as these last 4 months have been rough. It starts on Christmas as that is when Jesus was born and ends on Easter when he rose again. So the last 4 months have been an ending that leads to transformation and you evolving to a new life stage. So enjoy your new life stage lightworkers. You earned it!



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