We Are In The Event Now. Transitioning To The New Earth.

We are in the event now.

It began around Christmas and spread across the world. The event is the waking up of the collective and taking the same journey lightworkers have been on. I know it didn’t play out like what everyone expected it to, one thing the Universe is good at is the unexpected. 

Kundalini energy is karmic energy but it is also healing love energy. The waves that people reported seeing before were going to lightworkers to push us through our journey so the collective could then begin. Most of the world is now at home soul searching and entering the dark night of the soul, evaluating their lives and how they want it to be different. I notice many people around me are beginning kundalini from the symptoms they are talking about. My coworkers , my neighbors, and my family have within the last 3 months been experiencing symptoms of kundalini. 

I know this is scary and shocking and it happened really fast. This is a mass awakening of the world and it’s not pretty right now but it will get better. Already the environment is starting to heal. The canals in Venice are clearing up and fish coming back. Our air and water are becoming cleaner. The Earth is healing from the 24/7 hustle and bustle there was. There is less traffic and planes flying making pollution go down. This will get better starting after Easter. The time between Easter and Christmas is always a transition period and you always transition to something better and to a higher level. We also have a full moon in Libra April 7th and Libra is all about balance. This full moon will start to bring more balance in the world and our lives. 

Lightworkers have already been through this. If you look back to when you began your journey it was probably something that really shook you up. It hit your sense of safety, security, and stability which is your root chakra. The kundalini journey begins in your root chakra from your life being turned upside down. It could have been a job loss, a relationship loss, or a loss of a loved one. Usually we experience some kind of shocking loss to shake us up and we decide to change our lives so that it never happens to us again. That is how you break the cycle and begin your journey to a better life. 

This will pass and bring a better world. The New Earth that we have been talking about is coming from this. The birth is always painful but the gift that comes is worth the pain. The transition is hard but you are always protected, all lightworkers are. 

You are going to see your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors all start their journey now. You will be there to tell them what is happening when they can’t find the answers they need. We will get through this and be better for it. The New Earth is here and you are part of it. Your hard work helped bring it here. Know you did the work and know you are safe. Use this time to practice self care and stay calm and grounded. Lightworkers are loved and protected by the divine at all times. We have an important job to do here. You are leaders and helping in the transition from the Old Earth to the New Earth. 

We waited years for this to happen and it is happening now. It will get better soon. Your life will get better and the collective will ask you how and why. They will be drawn to you and you will have the answers they seek. You have the experience they need to hear and each person drawn to you needs your particular skill set. The law of attraction will be at play in who comes to you and you will be ready.

Take Care and Love Yourself, 


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