We Have Some Solar Plexus Energy Coming In 4/1/2020

The energy started about 3 hours age. You may be releasing doubts about yourself that affect your confidence. I can’t do this.I am not strong enough. I don’t have what it takes. This will never work. I have failed. This is just past energy surfacing to release. This energy accumulated on your energy body through your life and it is now being released.

You may look back at times you felt disrespected and your boundaries crossed and releasing anger about these times. Remembering that time someone didn’t listen to you and respect what you wanted. All this is normal just let it go this is purging letting past energy containing negative thoughts and emotions go. This fear based energy will leave your body and your vibration will raise. Little by little you will feel lighter and lighter as your vibration raises.

This releasing of old dead energy is raising your vibration and preparing you for an abundance mindset. When you achieve an abundance mindset you can manifest anything you want. You manifest that life you always wanted.

The law of attraction is you attract the energy you give out. When you have an abundance mindset you attract abundance because your vibe matches the vibe of abundance. The fear based energy that accumulated on your energy body has lowered your vibration and kept you from manifesting. It will be releasing and you will be raising your vibe so you can attract that abundance you have always deserved.

I know the energy is intense right now and will be easing up after April 12th. So just hang in there you can do this. You are strong enough. You will not fail.